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'If children can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn'.
Ignacio Estrada


Beats From The Soul offers Social and Emotional Learning workshops and incursions for specialist settings, primary schools, preschools and community groups.
Through drumming, rhythm, dance, creative activities, mindful awareness and play based learning  we will provide opportunities for children to understand themselves, understand relationships and others. 
It addresses the Victorian Curriculum in The Arts, Personal & Social Learning. It is aligned to the Resilience & R
espectful Relationships initiative and gives students experiences and opportunities to the develop strategies to understand their emotional intelligence.



We offer social and emotional learning workshops and puppet incursions, that provide a fun, safe, supported learning environment for children to explore skills and strategies to support their wellbeing which include:

* drumming games
* creative movement
* play based learning
* mindful awareness
* role play

* puppetry
* creative activities
* connection to nature



This program is aligned to the Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relationships Initiative and it gives children experiences and opportunities to develop strategies to understand their emotional intelligence.

It helps children to understand and manage their feelings and emotions. It builds confidence, self esteem, a sense of self, team work, self regulation, resilience, problem solving & leadership skills.

Teachers, parents and carers will also learn wellbeing strategies and practical approaches to assist them in implementing social & emotional learning with children.

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